Cryptocurrency Information

In order to provide the most accommodating customer experience, and to allow our website payment system to operate as smoothly and consistently as possible, we use a cryptocurrency payment gateway as a means of receiving payment. If you are unfamiliar with using cryptocurrency, we have provided some basic information to get you started:

Basic information about cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, digital means of exchange that utilizes strong encryption and a publicly-maintained ledger called a blockchain in order to allow users to transfer value securely and instantaneously to other users with a receiving cryptocurrency address. To send, receive, and store cryptocurrency, users must have access to a cryptocurrency exchange service or a private cryptocurrency wallet.

How do I obtain cryptocurrency?

Feel free to send us an email at and we will recommend sources for cryptocurrency.

How do I pay for my order using cryptocurrency?

Upon checkout, you will be presented with an option to pay using cryptocurrency. When the order is placed, our website will automatically generate a unique receiving address to which cryptocurrency can be sent, and the required amount of cryptocurrency to send will be displayed. Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets all provide an option to send cryptocurrency, allowing you to simply copy and paste the receiving address and the amount of cryptocurrency into the appropriate fields.

How will I know if the payment is successful?

Usually it takes up to an hour for payments to be confirmed and processed by our website server, but it can take longer depending on the amount of traffic within the cryptocurrency network. Some services offer the option to pay a higher fee in exchange for faster transaction processing time. Once your payment has been received and confirmed by our server, you will be notified automatically via an email sent to the email address you provided in your order information.